Invest in a new class of real estate opportunities and drastically reduce taxes on your capital gains.

What are Opportunity Zones?
Part of a program created by the tax cuts and job act of 2017 to incentivize the investment in underserviced communities. The program provides material tax benefits for investments made into designated opportunity zones.

How do I Qualify to Invest?
You can invest using long or short-term capital gain from any source including stocks, property, or the sale of a business. These gains must be re-invested within six months of realization.

What are the Benefits of Investing in Opportunity Zones?
You can defer and reduce your capital gain taxes. Then, after a 10 year hold period, future capital gains on that qualified investment would be eliminated, resulting in significantly increased potential for after-tax investment returns.

Join the Sinatra & Company Opportunity Zone Program

Sinatra & Company Real Estate has received significant interest in the program and has opened several Opportunity Zone Deals for investment. Join our platform to evaluate available transactions and begin investing.

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    Annual income greater than $200K, joint income greater than $300K, or net worth greater than $1M (excluding primary residence).
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