Beer In Buffalo

By March 30, 2015 September 13th, 2019 Sinatra & Company, Uncategorized
Who would have imagined it?  Beer has historically been a big part of Buffalo’s past! Detect some sarcasm here? After observing some Buffalonians regard for drinking beer, as some might treat, …  drinking water, you would think one could guess.  Back that up with multiple impassioned “discussions” that have been witnessed about Blue versus (micro)Brew. Top that with the correlating rise in architectural tours, along with opening of microbrews, such as Community Beer Works, Big Ditch Brewing Company,  Hamburg Brewing Company, Resurgence, just to name a few .  And well, let’s not forget the grain elevators turned six pack!  How to incorporate this extraordinary interest in all things beers into an informed discussion about The Phoenix, one of the 29 breweries in Buffalo prior to prohibition.  For start, I recently spent some time on  Here is one of the better overviews of Buffalo’s brewing past. Most striking was the comment “Unfortunately, many of the remaining breweries are now vacant and if not utilized soon may be fall victim to the wrecker’s ball”.  We are quite pleased to say that this piece of Buffalo’s brewing history will not only not fall to a wrecking ball, but will in fact house apartments, where if statistics hold true, 99.2% of the occupants will be beer drinkers. Cheers!

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