Building Beyond Concept to Completion.

Rooted in Putting People First, Sinatra Development Company strives to impact communities by improving the lives of those touched by our work. As a full-service development company, SDC has intricate knowledge of roadmapping, conceptualization, and market emersion.

Start to finish, leave it to us.

Sinatra Development Company has a culture and reputation for sharp focus, impeccable work ethic, and unmatched drive to deliver projects that are innovative and community centered. With 160 employees who oversee over 5,800 living units, $35 million current construction projects, and $285 million of projects in the pipeline, Sinatra Development Company is strongly positioned to provide consultancy and development services to a diverse client portfolio.


  • Public Private Partnerships
  • Capital Stack Expertise
  • Historic Tax Credit
  • Local Incentive Package Analysis (PILOT, 485a, Community Block Grants, Better Buffalo Fund, Economic Development, etc)
  • Municipality Navigation: Planning Board, Preservation Board, Zoning Board, Common Council, etc)
  • Environmental Tax Credits / Grants
  • Opportunity Zone Investment


  • Environmental Testing/Result Analysis
  • Value-Engineering on construction/architecture expertise
  • Architectural Design
  • Interior Design services
  • Construction Management
  • Pre-Development Checklist
  • Owner/Contractor/Architect/CM as Advisor Contract Negotiation and Advisory
  • Change Order/Change Issue Review
  • Master Lease Approach for Companies
  • Attorney Advisory


  • Construct apartment building as developer adviser
  • Equity Fund (established by company) leases back to itself to attract talent as part of comp package for new employees
  • Hospitality Operations and Management Expertise
  • Hospitality Construction Expertise
  • Commercial Tenant Buildout and Floor Plans
  • Renderings for Marketing Purposes
  • Property Management Operations Advisory
  • Apartment/Leasing Operations Advisory
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A track record of excellence.

$285 million in projects completed and in progress.

Your ideal development partner.


Diverse team members with expertise in all facets

Our staff is first and foremost a diverse team of experienced individuals with a variety of skillsets and expertise in complex issues. We pride ourselves in our execution of elaborate financial and capital plans.

Access to industry experts in planning and construction services

In addition to our diverse in-house team, you will have access to attorneys, a variety of contractors, and community leaders that will give you insight, direction, and encouragement every step of the way!

Client Relationships

Our focus on you and your needs goes beyond the day your doors open. Our experts value their relationships with you and will have your back. We aren’t just a service, we’re your partner through your project and beyond.

A Proven Partner

Sinatra Development Company has a proven track record of excellence; millions in development across a variety of assets means we're prepared for any financial or operational challenge ahead.

A Limitless Future

With 11 current projects in development with different goals, timelines, and budgets, Sinatra Development is strengthening communities and relationships in real time.

Sinatra Development Company’s Commitment

Many companies are happy to offer you their services; Sinatra Development Company is honored to be chosen to complete your projects efficiently, effectively, and with the insight and vision you desire. Developing communities and businesses that allow our clients to prosper and grow is the highest honor we could receive. Our commitment to your vision, timeline, and results are clear from the moment you contact our team leaders and begin your project. We are committed your journey…. strive to be the best for you and your project.

A commitment to SDC builds a relationship between developer and client that goes beyond dollars and investments.

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