Founded in 2009, Sinatra and Co. is a family-owned business with a vested interest in serving our communities through value-add projects, historical restoration, and development opportunities. We excel in the management of various areas of real estate such as commercial and multi-family spaces. Something we also take pride in is heavily investing in our people—the driving force behind our operations. Our company culture focuses on striving for greatness and growing every team member involved in the vision. As part of the Sinatra team, you will be a part of a team committed to excellence both inside the office and out.

Interested in joining our One Team, One Direction mission?

“It’s a great feeling to wake up in the morning and come to work and be happy about it. I am actually excited to come into work. This is the first company that I feel whole heartedly a part of.”

- Linda Nguyen, Accounts Payable

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Sinatra & Co. South

2502 N Rocky Point Dr, Suite 520, Tampa FL 33607