How Does Marketing Support the Sinatra & Co. Brand?

Event Planning & Promotion

In support of the mission of Sinatra & Co.’s strategic priorities, the Director of Marketing ensures that high-profile, public, events are created, planned, and carried out in an effective and quality way. All assets have the opportunity engage with events on site and in the community. SCM Marketing is here to make your event shine!

Graphic Design

Every campaign or marketing plan has a component in need of graphic design. Although each piece is unique, all designs follow Sinatra & Co. brand guidelines, so everyone knows we are “Sinatra & Co.” Sinatra & Co. Marketing has templates for business cards, letterhead, envelopes, and more!

Planning & Strategy

Marketing is more than an attractive logo, brochure, or website. A successful marketing plan requires planning and strategy, generates the right message, targets the right audiences and communicates the right way. Sinatra & Co. Marketing provides tools, templates, and tips for marketing best practices.

Employee Branding

Everyone deserves a nice, professional photo of themselves! Sinatra & Co. provides headshots multiple times per year. If you are in need of a headshot, please reach out to Tess Vogler at and we can discuss how to get you taken care of!

If you are in need of a business card refill, we have you covered! We have quick templates that make reordering your business cards a breeze. Please use the marketing request form and place the following information in the commentary box:

  • Name (First, Last)
  • Title
  • Phone Number with Extension (if applicable)
  • Email Address

Blank business cards have been created and sent to each property for use of new employees during the first 60 days. If you run low on these items, please use the marketing request form and ask for a refill.

Brand Creation & Management

The Director of Marketing leads all property and company rebranding efforts and manages the existing brand for consistency. This includes logo design, typography, imagery, and more. For new acquisitions, please request brand management items as soon as possible so that the Sinatra Standard is present day one of management.

Social Media Management

The Director of Marketing manages all property level and corporate social media accounts and owns the over-arching strategy for this. However, it is encouraged for the admins of the property-level social media accounts to post property-specific content to the pages while referring to the official social media policies frequently as Marketing is not located in these areas. See below for more social media information and be sure to follow @sinatraandco everywhere!

  • The official hashtag of Sinatra & Co. is #sinatraandco
  • The Sinatra & Co. Social Media accounts are curated and monitored by Tess Vogler, Director of Marketing.
  • Should you have any social media post suggestions / ideas, please share them with Tess!
  • Apartment Home Communities each have a Facebook account
  • Social media accounts and posts will be monitored by Tess Vogler

Photography & Videography

Photo and video content are collaborative efforts – should you see a photo or video that does not accurately depict your property, please use the marketing request form and speak with me about removal/arrangement of photos! Additionally, if you feel your property needs a photography or videography refresh, reach out to me and we will evaluate your needs together.

Website Creation & Management

The Director of Marketing manages and designs all property-level and corporate websites to reflect current design trends and conversion optimization, while maintaining Sinatra Standard brand guidelines. Please monitor your websites and contact me if there are any issues. Updates to pet policies, business hours, floor plans, amenities, and other items should be communicated as soon as possible.

Reputation Management

The Director of Marketing manages all new review request campaigns, review responses, and reputation performance. These reviews, when received, are communicated to both Property Manager and Regional Property Director for further review and action. Reviews are vital to our business, so make sure you ask for them whenever you have a positive interaction.

The Director of Marketing, in collaboration with the National Director of Learning and Development, creates surveys and review request campaigns to track effectiveness of on-site operations and general sentiment. If you would like a survey created for your property, please use the marketing request form to do so.

Property ILS Listings (,, etc)

The Director of Marketing manages the brand positioning, budgets, and contracts for property ILS listings, however, updates to business hours, amenities, etc need to placed in Yardi and communicated to the Director of Marketing as soon as possible.

ILS systems ( Network,, etc) take 24-48 hours to update once changes are made in Yardi.