New Year’s Home Resolutions

By January 18, 2022 November 14th, 2022 Sinatra & Company

As the new year begins, we’re surrounded by the cloud of resolution. Some small, some big, but resolution nonetheless. When you plan your goals for the new year, do you consider upgrading your living space? In true Marie Kondo style, it’s important to honor what our spaces have done for us, but it’s also important to tidy and enhance our spaces as we grow.

You may be saying, “Yeah, that’s great, but I don’t own my space.”

Never fear, renter friendly resolutions are here! Check out these 5 renter-friendly changes for your new year:

illustrations of plants


  • We don’t think there’s such a thing as “too many plants.” Studies have shown that indoor plants can decrease stress and fatigue and can boost your mood, productivity and creativity.
  • First things first – Choose your dedication level (occasional watering vs. greenhouse experience). Do you have the time and energy to water plants daily? Do you have access to natural light? These questions can help you determine what kind of plants are suitable for your time!
  • Explore what plants are safe to have with your pets or family. Some plants are toxic to our furry friends, so make sure you research beforehand!
  • Evaluate your space – where could a plant bring a pop of color or fill a space?
furniture illustrations including a couch, shelves, and desk

Rethink Your Space

  • Winter is the perfect time to change your space! With colder temperatures and inclement weather, taking the time to rethink your space has never been easier!
  • Start with your large furniture – do you have somewhere you’ve always wanted to move your couch? Think your coffee table would look perfect in a new corner? Now’s the time to put your feng shui to work!
  • Do you thrive around your loved ones? Create a photo wall with funky frames of all your adventures together!
  • Your feet deserve to feel comfort too! Try installing rugs in your space – even if you have carpet!
  • Vitamin D is essential to your mood and productivity – think of ways you can arrange your space to soak up those rays!
home improvement tools

Renter Friendly Upgrades

*contact your property management team about what upgrades wont effect your deposit!*

  • Are you tired of looking down at the same uncarpeted floors? Check out DIY stick on tiles from your local home improvement store that are easy to remove and guaranteed to bring a pop to any floor!
  • Need to bring a splash to your walls? Reach out to your property management team to see if painting is an option for you!
  • Not able to paint? Check out vinyl wallpapers – a great and easy way to make a statement!
cleaning supplies

Clean your windows

  • It seems simple, but a deep clean of your windowsills, blinds, and window glass can create an airy spring feeling, even when it’s 5 degrees and snowing out!
  • Cleaning your windows can eliminate germs, majority of which you can’t see.
  • Cleaner windows mean a better outlook… get it? Out.. look. HA!
various objects

Pick Up a Few New Items

  • Always wanted a cool bohemian wicker shelf? Maybe a vintage toaster? Grab some new statement pieces and make them shine!
  • Grab a salt lamp – aesthetically awesome and just enough light for those late-night reading sessions.
  • Add a video game console to your décor. Not only are they tons of fun, they can contribute to a modern aesthetic!
  • Get a lot of books for the holidays? Install a bookshelf and make it your own!

While these changes may be small, putting intention and effort into your space can create a positive atmosphere to come home to, work from home in, and spend time with loved ones in. Happy goal-making!