Spring Into a New Space!

By April 17, 2023 Sinatra & Company
Spring is the time of year to refresh your home and life. Warm weather can give you a sense of renewal, especially when you live in a place with cold winters. This spring, embrace the urge to refresh your life by breathing new life into your living space. Take a look below at a few ways you can bring spring into your space without spending too much!

Add a Touch of Nature

Nothing says spring like a bouquet! Better yet, buy a potted plant that will last for years to come. Just make sure you buy a plant that will thrive on the amount of sunshine or shade you have in your living space.

Upcycle Old Pieces

Do you want to add new style to your space without buying anything new? Consider updating an old lamp, coffee table, or other décor. A few little changes can make a big difference in the feel of a space.

Find a Hero Piece

Go to a home décor store or a thrift store and find a piece of décor you love. Once you do that, you can look for items with similar colors, textures, or materials. Soon, your apartment will have a whole new vibe.

Reorganize Shelving

If you currently have shelves full of books and knick-knacks, try arranging them differently. Some people swear by arranging books by color, but if that doesn’t appeal to you, try creating more sporadic space on your shelves. This can give the eye somewhere to rest and make the area more aesthetically appealing.

Swap Out Wall Art

Changing the art on your walls can be a creative way to change with the seasons. Try to find wall art that says “spring” to you and rotate it with other pieces as the seasons change. If you’re worried about cost, keep the same frames and change what’s inside.

Try a Different Color Palette

A refreshed set of accent colors in a given room can change how you feel in your home. Try brighter colors for spring, and purchase new pillows, table runners, and accent pieces for your home in the shades and colors that make you smile. However you decide to bring spring into your home this season, we hope you make your space your own!

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