The Luck of the Renter

By March 21, 2022 November 14th, 2022 Sinatra & Company

Why renting an apartment home is a real estate four-leaf clover

Is there any such thing as “luck” when it comes to renting an apartment home? Not really, but renting an apartment home comes with many benefits you may not have considered. Choosing to rent is more common than you’d think; approximately 100.9 million people in the United States are renters (RHFS, 2020). While homeownership has been on the forefront of real estate trends in the past, recent changes in the housing market and economic environment have created a country of renters. So, how could choosing (or continuing) to rent keep you feeling lucky? We’re glad you asked.


The price of a mortgage, plus insurance, utilities, HOA fees, maintenance fees, and more can add up and end up being more than you would pay renting an apartment home. Not to mention the bookkeeping!


Having resources for repairs, trusted vendors through your office staff, and many other questions is a bonus. Less looking, more living.


You can do the things you really want to do and almost any time of the day with multiple amenities! Gym, pool, basketball court, dog park, hiking trails, laundry mat, coffee bar, and many more amenities exist in the apartment home space!


Living within close proximity means you’re likely to meet a neighbor or two! Finding community within your apartment community is almost inevitable – whether you meet using an amazing amenity or at a resident event, community within community is a sure thing!

Short Term Lease Options

Maybe home ownership is still on your mind, but you’re waiting for the market to shift in your favor. Many apartment home communities offer short term leasing options for those who are in a transition period. Of course, we hope you fall in love with your apartment home and community – if you do, extending your lease agreement is easy as 1, 2, 3!

Recent Renovations

Apartment home communities are always looking for ways to serve you best and bring you the best quality home they can. Apartment home communities that have newly renovated units generally have established apartment homes that have great bones, they just needed a little bit of shine. Renovated units are likely to feature new appliances, updated flooring, paint colors, and even balcony construction! These changes bring modern living to life.

24 – Hour Maintenance  

Team members who know and love your property tend to be more familiar with the structure of the building you live in. The likelihood that they’ve seen the issues you’re dealing with many times and know your exact fix is high if they’re part of a 24/7 maintenance team! These teams are skilled in many different areas and can repair your issues – if they can’t service your issue, they’ll call in the experts and get you taken care of!


Who doesn’t like a change of scenery? While most apartment home communities want to keep you as a tenant forever, renting gives you the flexibility to choose a different city, state, and even country! No listing your home and waiting for someone to buy – your apartment home is put on the market as soon as your place your notice to vacate!

Having your wants and needs, as well as the benefits to renting, in mind will make your decision feel like a pot of gold! Ready to jump in to renting? Check out one of our apartment home communities here: