New Year, New Space!

By January 10, 2023 Sinatra & Company

Tips and Tricks for a Fresh Start in 2023

Over time, any living space can become cluttered. If you’ve recently moved or simply want more breathing room in your existing space, we have some tips to help you make a fresh start in 2023! Take a look below at some of our suggestions for keeping your home in great shape.

Out with the Old

Do your belongings add to your happiness at home? Why not get rid of unwanted items and let someone else enjoy them? Go through your home room-by-room to see what you no longer need. Fill a few boxes or bags to donate to your local thrift store or shelter. You might also consider giving items directly to friends and family – and of course, throw out anything that you feel can’t be saved!

If you’re unsure how to sort through your stuff, try using the KonMari Method™ created by Marie Kondo: hold the item and see if it sparks joy. Keep anything that sparks joy and get rid of anything that doesn’t!

Make the Most of Your Space

Whether you’re moving into your home for the first time or want to give your existing space a fresh feel, the way you place your furniture can make all the difference. Find furniture that’s multi-use or that has built-in storage. Don’t forget that your walls can give you space for storage as well as décor: hang tools in the garage, pots and pans in the kitchen, and bookshelves in the living room.

Optimize & Organize

Take time to strategize and organize your space! Here are a few tips to get you started:

  • Plan ahead for success: Come up with an organization plan for how you’ll sort your space and how often you’ll tidy up.
  • Use jars, bins, or other containers: Place these containers in pantries, bathrooms, laundry rooms, and other rooms to sort your belongings while keeping a uniform appearance.
  • Create one catch-all spot: From keys to spare change, a catch-all space will be perfect for small items that you routinely need or don’t want to sort immediately.
  • Improve your entryway: The first space you see when you walk in the door should encourage organization. Have space for shoes, coats, and purses so these don’t end up all over the place. The entry is also a great place to put a basket or bin to work as your catch-all spot!

Use these recommendations to give your space a fresh new feel! And if you’re still looking for a place to call home, turn to Sinatra & Co. We can help you find the apartment home or townhome of your dreams!