Market Arcade Commercial Space Tour: Buffalo Rising

By July 31, 2020 Buffalo

Headquartered in the Market Arcade, Buffalo Rising's office boasts the best views of the interior of the atrium, as well as views of Washington Street. Pictured above, this view showcases all three floors and the skylight, providing a rich presence of historical interior architectural details and natural light.

Neoclassicism Fine Architectural Details

Pictured above, the lobby window displays the smaller details only visible outside when standing below the window and looking up. Visitors get an up-close view of the exquisite architectural detail of the Byzantine brickwork.

Built in 1892, a Preserved Shopping Arcade

Built in 1892, the Market Arcade’s beautiful, Neo-Classical styles and indoor shopping center stood as testaments to civilized, urban life. Long before the 20th-century shopping mall was even thought of, the Market Arcade gave civilians a chance to relax and shop without having to bear the brunt of Buffalo’s harsh weather. It became known as the “belly of Buffalo” for a reason, and it continues to be a vital community space in downtown Buffalo to this day.
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